We Understand how delicate your piano can be, We have the right experience and tools to move your piano from point A to point B

About Us

Either your moving across the town or across Canada YYC Piano Movers Will get the job done for you,we Specialize not only moving Pianos but gun safes,Aquariums many more heavy items.

Over 20 Years of Piano Moving Experience. Piano moving companies seem to be all over the place, but if you look closely they are all new in the business. Why? After a few years of moving pianos, they disappear and new ones take their place. We on the other hand have been in this business for over twenty years and no one can claim more experience than us in piano moving. We know the roads, we know the instruments and we know how to keep them safe.

Enjoy Worry Free Moving. We know how valuable the piano is for you. Those instruments often hold sentimental value that is beyond their actual price, and we know you want to make sure they remain safe. We don’t damage the pianos we move. This is actually the reason we are in business for so long we don’t ever receive claims. Other companies damage one or two pianos, get the claims, see the bills,and quickly fold their operations. They just can’t handle the liability. We keep ourselves in business by keeping your piano a 100% safe. It’s that simple.

We use Equipment that is Designed for moving Pianos. Our piano moving equipment is specialized. Some companies do the horrible mistake of using equipment that is used to move fridges or furniture to move those heavy and extremely delicate musical instruments. We wouldn’t even think of using anything but a specially designed, a 100% compatible piano moving lifting and transportation tools.

Just in case, we have Full cargo insurance coverage . This means your piano is fully insured against anything that may happen during transit. To add to the piano’s safety, our trucks have a 2,000 lbs. capacity lift ramp that rises ever so gently to lift your piano into the truck. On the inside, our trucks are completely padded and carpeted for added full protection and are completely enclosed from rain, extreme temperatures and humidity. Special straps are used to secure a piano safely into place so it doesn’t move even an inch during transit.

We Specialize in Pianos Large ones, small ones, and even Royal Pianos. We know everything about them and our service is dedicated to their exclusive safety in transportation. With us your piano is in good hands. We move gun safes and Aquariums.

We have a second crew that manage household Moving. We provide storage every piano is Store a humidity and temperature control environment.

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